The First 20 Things You Need Before Starting a Business: Part 2


In my last post, I touched on the half of the First 20 Things You Need Before Starting a Business.  This post is the second half.  This list is a high level task list. I urge you to reach out for help to get things right and avoid headaches and large amounts of wasted cash.   11. Apply for an EIN… Read more »

The First 20 Things You Need Before Starting a Business: Part 1


In this two part series I am listing out the first twenty things you need before starting a business. The List of Twenty 1. Proof of Concept As a kid, I would jump right into the pool without any care in the world.  Now, in my more cautious days, I tend to first dip my toe into the water before going… Read more »

Contract Management

Rush Limbaugh

In my last article, I discussed keeping an eye on your expenses in an effort to run a tight expense minded law practice – or TEMP for short. I want to build upon that with a technology solution that automates the need to worry about important dates that if missed, cause a hole in your pocket. Recently, my client  had an… Read more »

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Take Control of Your Overhead Expenses


Controlling your solo or small law practice’s expenses is key to maintaining profitability.  With clients demanding more of your time for less of a rate, the need to control costs is prevalent.   Outside of moving your office to your dining room table there are other ways to grow profits.  I am not against going lean, but it would be a… Read more »