The First 20 Things You Need Before Starting a Business: Part 1


In this two part series I am listing out the first twenty things you need before starting a business.       The List of Twenty 1. Proof of Concept As a kid, I would jump right into the pool without any care in the world.  Now, in my more cautious days, I tend to first dip my toe into the… Read more »

Contract Management

Rush Limbaugh

In my last article, I discussed keeping an eye on your expenses in an effort to run a tight expense minded law practice – or TEMP for short. I want to build upon that with a technology solution that automates the need to worry about important dates that if missed, cause a hole in your pocket. Recently, my client  had an… Read more »

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Take Control of Your Overhead Expenses


Controlling your solo or small law practice’s expenses is key to maintaining profitability.  With clients demanding more of your time for less of a rate, the need to control costs is prevalent.   Outside of moving your office to your dining room table there are other ways to grow profits.  I am not against going lean, but it would be a… Read more »

Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks


If you would have told me I would be looking at my watch in 2016 to check the latest sport scores I would have told you to get yourself checked out.  The amount of technology that not only exists but has also become such an intricate part of our lives is amazing.  (I would never leave home without my iWatch,… Read more »