How to Grow Profits

CutingEdgeCFO talks a lot about converting wasted expenses to pure profit by implementing a lean business model.  But what if you already operate a lean business….. how do you grow those profits? Of course you can adjust your prices, but make sure the new price mark still makes sense for your customers.  You do not want to force your current… Read more »

Mike’s Notebook

A few months ago I launched Mike’s Notebook which is a weekly email to all subscribers containing an additional article on top of published information available at  Over the past few weeks I have encountered an issue of time and therefore I have decided to discontinue the Mike’s Notebook segment. All subscribers to the site, will continue to receive articles… Read more »

The First 20 Things You Need Before Starting a Business: Part 2

In my last post, I touched on the half of the First 20 Things You Need Before Starting a Business.  This post is the second half.  This list is a high level task list. I urge you to reach out for help to get things right and avoid headaches and large amounts of wasted cash.   11. Apply for an EIN… Read more »

The First 20 Things You Need Before Starting a Business: Part 1

In this two part series I am listing out the first twenty things you need before starting a business. The List of Twenty 1. Proof of Concept As a kid, I would jump right into the pool without any care in the world.  Now, in my more cautious days, I tend to first dip my toe into the water before going… Read more »

Contract Management

Rush Limbaugh

In my last article, I discussed keeping an eye on your expenses in an effort to run a tight expense minded law practice – or TEMP for short. I want to build upon that with a technology solution that automates the need to worry about important dates that if missed, cause a hole in your pocket. Recently, my client  had an… Read more »